Monday, March 26, 2007


Voter’s Policy has a very strong commitment to better living standards and a
natural ‘Way of life” We stand for individual freedom, unhampered
initiative, genuine real democracy, with financial security, and no poverty
traps. Private enterprise is now unnecessarily, unnaturally, stifled and
suppressed by faulty management of our nation’s money supply by bankers and
economists. This is Fact!!!

Our production and distribution system is already naturally in our modern
age of machines and technology and can produce an abundance of consumer
goods and services. Unfortunately the present banking and financial system
is still in the pre-machine age and urgently needs modernising so that the
abundance of goods and services can be distributed equitably.
• We follow the policies from philosophies as expounded by Major
Clifford Hugh Douglas, M.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.E., consulting engineer,
economist, author, and the founder of Social Credit New Economics Movement.
He has 700 pieces of literature in the Edinburgh Library at Edinburgh
• Contrary to a wide spread idea in NZ, - Social Credit is not a
political party.

M P’s must represent and work for policies wanted by their local voters, -
not policies foisted on voters by banker’s economists, state bureaucrats,
big business or the leaders of Political Parties who are naturally
responding to pressure from the above.

• Parliament’s duty is to responds to pressure - when pressure from
voters is greater than pressure from the above groups, - voters will get the
policies they need and want.
• The above groups do not vote for local M P’s only local voters do.
• Local voters must insist local M Ps represent policies voters want.
• Voters Associations must be established in every electorate to
communicate policies local voter’s need and want to their local
representative M P’s to work in Parliament to have enacted and also to
reject policies not wanted
• ADD strength to democracy with Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda.
• The greatest power on earth is the “Will of the People”. Voters must
learn to use democracy. Democracy is a responsibility of voters who must be
• Responding to voters Local M P’s and Parliament, must become the
bosses of specialists, economists, State Bureaucrats and other groups by
enacting policy legislation wanted by their local voters.
• The local MP rarely wants to lose their chosen occupation, the
privileges and good income that go with the job and will therefore work for
voters to keep their votes.
We are not against any section of NZ society we are against the present
SYSTEM of faulty banking & economics that generates total prices faster than
total incomes. It is the faulty way bankers and economists manage the
present creation, - injection and distribution of their compounding debt
money that must be modernised. The system is man made and can be changed.

Henry Ford said: “If the people of the nation understood our banking and
money system, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”
end Quote.

Our criticisms should not be taken as directed against bank employees; not
even against bank managers or inspectors. They are but workers like you and
me, from whom is required complex precision, irreproachable integrity,
proper dress, constant courtesy, and perfect obedience….PTO.

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