Monday, March 26, 2007

What is SOCIAL CREDIT? Lecture 2.

“Social Credit is the belief inherent in society that individual members in
association can get what they want” definition by L.D.Byrne

What is the Philosophy of Social Credit?

The successful teaching of Social Credit as a practical reform must include
more than just a reform of finance and economics:

C. H. Douglas in one of his most important and valuable utterances, has
stated that Social and Economic systems represent “the policy of a
philosophy” and he defines “policy” in this connection as “action
consciously directed towards a given objective”. end quote.

Social Credit believes in decentralised control, with the foundations of
society laid on the complete independence of the individual. It believes
that policy should come from the community through building up from the
individual – not down from the State.

It believes that the future of the world lies in cooperation, but only in
cooperation of reasoned assent – not in forced cooperation of regimentation.

“It believes that economic activity is simply a functional activity of men
and women in the world and that progress is most rapid and effective through
the free expansion of individuality” quote C.H.Douglas.

It believes that science and technology must not be used to enslave men; but
to free them from unnecessary work and so give them leisure and the
opportunity for self-development.

It believes that the system under which people live should represent truth
and reality – not lies and falsity.

We must build up from the individual – not down from the State
The basis of freedom is Economic Security

Quote C.H.Douglas. “Systems were made for men, and not men for systems, and
that the interest of man, which is self-development, is above all
systems…MORE…” end quote C H Douglas in “Economic Democracy”.

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